Our Facilities

The Carleton University Nano Imaging Facility provides a full-cycled service for users at all levels of experience. Our facility is used for both teaching and research. Academic, government, and commercial users are welcome to take advantage of our expertise. Our staff run SEM/TEM training courses for new users and we offer a full-range of technical support that spans from sample preparation, to instrument operation and EDX analysis. 

Available Equipment at the Facility 

Tescan Vega-II XMU SEM 

Minimum Resolution ~10nm at 30KV and high vacuum mode
Magnification  3x - 500kx
Accelerating Voltage 0.2kV - 30kV and values in between
Probe Current 1pA - 2uA
Scanning Scanning speed adjustable from 160ns - 10ms per pixel, in steps or continuously
Image Sizes Up to 8,192 x 8,192 pixels for posters.
Elemental Analysis Oxford Inca Energy 250X EDS
Cold Stage Available
Variable Pressure and Wet Operation Available


 FEI Tecnai G2 F20 TEM

Minimum Point Resolution 0.24nm at 200kV
Minimum Line Resolution 0.144nm at 200kV
Magnification 25x - 1,030kx
Accelerating Voltage  20kV - 200kV and values in between
Probe Current 0.5nA or more in 1nm probe
Electron Source Schottky Field Emitter with high maximum beam current (>100nA)
Elemental Analysis Oxford AZtecTEM with 80mm SDD detector
Imaging System Gatan ORIUS TEM CCD Camera
Maximum Imaging Size 4096 x 4096