Services and Rates

Tescan Vega-II XMU VPSEM

  Faculty of Science Clients Educational Clients Commercial Clients
SEM             $70/hr $75/hr $100/hr
Inca EDS $5/hr extra $5/hr extra $10/hr extra
Cold Stage $30/run extra $35/run extra $45/run extra


FEI Tecnai G2 F20 TEM

  Educational Clients              Commercial Clients
TEM $95/hr                                      $200/hr                                 
Aztec EDS $10/hr extra $20/hr extra


*SEM and TEM discounts are available for Carleton University internal contributors.
*Minimum booking 1 hour.
*Service and consultation charges may apply.
*All prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.


  Educational Clients Commercial Clients
Metal Coating $15.00 per Layer $30.00 per Layer
Carbon Coating $20.00 per Layer $40.00 per Layer
Critical Point Drying $90 per Run $150 per Run
Stub Various Various