The 2020 time slots are ready for CHEM3107 students to reserve for their imaging sessions. Please contact the NIF administrator as early as possibile for your reservation.

- Nov. 29th 2019

There will be an adjustment on the SEM and TEM service rates. The new rates will take effect from Jan. 1st 2020. Please refer the following link for detailed pricing. Should you have any questions regarding the new pricing, please feel free to contact NIF at nifatcarleton [dot] ca.      

- Nov. 1st 2019

In order to streamline paperwork, the Nano Imaging Facility will migrate to eShop billing system for the internal invoicing from September 2018. However, Carleton internal users will still have the option of using a journal invoice. Should you have any questions, plrease feel free to contact NIF at nifatcarleton [dot] ca. To check out the NIF availability, please visit the NIF calendar at

- September 14th 2018